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The Play 2 Hire, Inc. Master License program enables you to make a difference in the life of a job seeker by helping them find their dream job while owning a thriving recession resistant business.

  • Imagine coming up with the idea of a new concept that explodes in your area with dozens of new units opening up.

  • Imagine having control of this concept and receiving residual income and license fees on a consistent basis.

  • Imagine having an idea like “McDonalds” and having people line up to buy your opportunity.

  • Imagine having access to some of the best business experts in that industry to help guide you in your new venture to build your organization to last.

  • An Executive Business Model where you are more involved with building businesses versus working in the business.

With a Master Licensee, You Get:

  • All of the benefits mentioned above but without the expense of developing the concept from scratch.

  • You get control of a successful franchise system in a specific geographic area.

  • A brand name and even a partner in the form of a corporate office.

Here is How a Master Licensee Works:

As a Master Licensee, you acquire the rights and get control of a license system in a specific geographic area, the brand name, valuable partnering support from a corporate office and other master licensee’s, and latest innovations and business expertise when you need it.

The biggest difference between a Master Licensee and all of the other license options is you do not have to buy or own an the individual units, rather you add other licensees within your Master Licensee Territory. You are a partner with the license system, acting as a major distribution channel for the license business opportunity itself. This typically creates multiple revenue streams.

Revenue Streams:

When you add a licensee, you receive a license fee. Jobs 4 Grads Now would split the license fee with you for each licensed territory sold.

Ongoing residual income. This is the ultimate source of income. You receive residual income for the life of the licensee’s in your Master Licensed Territory. Imagine receiving a percentage of every one of your licensee’s sales volumes every month for many years.

If you own and run a licensed office, it can be used as a training unit for your licensees, which creates training revenue.

Master Licensing Also Offers Significant Non-Financial Benefits:

  • You own and enjoy a high “Quality of Life” business.

  • Fewer Customers. Your customers are your licensees. You help support a small number of licensees who might typically own several licensed units each.

  • Fewer Employees. Typically you begin operating a master license by yourself and then expand to have an administrative assistant and or a license sales person. As you grow bigger, you can even add a general manager to run the whole operation which can allow you to back away completely from the day-to-day if you wish. It is certainly conceivable that after 3 to 5 years, you can retire and live off an extremely good income and spend one or two days a month at the office.

  • Home or Work. A master license can be started out of a home office which can be expanded once you get enough licensees in place.

  • Equity. You build equity in the business at a much faster rate than a normal business. Once you add a few licensees, you increase the value of your business significantly. not only is there an existing business with cash flow, but you have additional license opportunities to sell, which creates a higher business value. Instead of the 1.8 to 2.8 times earning of a normal business, the master license can typically be 4 to 5 times earnings.

  • Low Overhead. You do not need a large office, staff and overhead expenses from the beginning. You can expand as you grow.Multiple exit strategy options!

  • PT or FT. You can begin master licensing part time and then move to full time as required by the growth of the business.

Master Licensing creates multiple revenue streams, quality of life, multiple exit strategies and strong avenues for success.


If you have any questions or would like to speak with us directly about our Licensing Programs, Either email us at License Director or call Dave Hottle, CPC at 678-402-7672





  • Work from Home or Office
  • Multiple Revenue Streams available to help drive sales
  • No Royalties!
  • More flexibility than owning a franchise
  • The system works 24/7 while you do not
  • Licensee’s can enjoy professional achievement, while making a difference by helping job seekers find their dream jobs.

Support 24/7. You Are Not Alone!

  • Real time tracking of traffic and commissions.
  • Back office reporting tools.
  • Email Templates.
  • Massive Video Training Library.
  • Website Banners, Links and Templates.
  • Telephone Support

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